Wave Measurement RADAR

Wave Measurement Radar

The HLD-WHM 1000 wave measurement radar system can be operated from a ship, an offshore platform or a shore facility.
It works with a standard navigation radar from either a stationary installation or moving vessel.

The values produced are: 1) wave height, 2) wave direction, 3) wave period.  Complete 2D and 3D spectrums are produced.  The system can be stand alone or multiple networked.

Highlander’s radar wave measurement is derived from digitized sea clutter produced by a radar operating on short pulse.  Wavelike patterns are easily identified from the modulation of the clutter cross section caused by gravity waves.  Modulation is due to grazing angle variation and shadowing.  Selected Cartesian squares of the radar are processed and combined in a one directional wave spectrum.  A minimum wind speed of 2 meters per second and radar height of 15 meters above sea level are needed.

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