The VR2272B simplified voyage data recorder is one of the simplest, most reliable and competitively priced systems on the market.  As one of the most popular and well supported VDR systems available it conforms to all current IMO, IEC & SOLAS standards for vessels of 3,000gt or above.

Designed for ease and economy of installation, the VR2272B is the system of choice for new ships and retrofits alike. It offers an effective and dependable system for retrieval of data in the event of an incident at sea.

The VR2272B captures all mandatory information and stores it in an approved final recording media, the data storage capsule.

Data capture is fully automated and requires no action from the ship’s crew.

Following an incident, a minimum of 12 hours historic playback data is recovered by downloading the information from the capsule onto a laptop computer or other storage device.

Up to a further two days of ships data can also be accessed from the system memory which is then overwritten on a continual loop process.

The system continues recording data without interruption during the download process.


  • Modular system, compact and lightweight, ideal for large or small bridge
  • Economical, competitively priced and straightforward to install
  • Reliable, proven in service, two year warranty
  • Worldwide sales and service
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Fully compatible with AMI VDR data analysis service

The introduction of MSC.333(90) and IEC61996-1 Ed 2.0 sees a new chapter in voyage data recorder requirements with both a fixed and float free capsule required, each holding a minimum of 48 hours of data. In addition to this, 30 days of data is to be held onboard the vessel to negate the requirement for crew interaction in order to secure critical data following an incident. Both Radars and ECDIS images will be captured along with a number of other additional, mandatory signals in order to give a more clear picture of the events prior to a given incident.

AMI’s new VDR and associated interfaces have been developed using our vast experience and expertise in VDR design spanning more than a decade, along with over 20 years of experience in the marine electronic retransmission and interfacing industry. The result is a simple yet sophisticated system, designed and built in the UK, from the ground up. A system that not only meets the new VDR regulations but one that also offers more flexibility, functionality and redundancy than any other system on the market.


  • Compact and easy to use cable entry system
  • Bridge Control Panel for efficient system monitoring
  • Remote connection via ship’s network
  • 10 individual audio channels allowing up to 8 microphones and 2 VHF or a combination of both
  • Easy swap OS drive – No reconfiguration required if the OS drive is replaced.

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