Magnetic Compass Adjusters

Ashapura Marinetech International has highly skilled, experienced and qualified magnetic compass adjuster and available at all Indian Port and neighboring countries providing marine compass adjusting services for ocean going and coastal ships, high speed crafts, local & visiting yachts and to all vessels requiring accurate magnetic compass reparation.

Why engage a professional, qualified compass adjuster ?

Effective correction, or compensation, of the marine compass for any deviation error found during the compass swing requires an understanding of the earth’s and ship’s magnetic fields and an ability to differentiate between the permanent magnetism of the ship’s hard iron and the induced magnetism of the ship’s soft iron.

AMI professionals have the necessary expertise to recognize this and possess the practical knowledge of the workings of the marine compass and its correctors. International standards for magnetic compasses and compass adjusting are governed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

AMI services meets the International magnetic compass requirements from:

  • IMO
  • Mercantile Marine Department, India
  • Classification Societies
  • Flag administrations
  • Port State Control

    We provide prompt, reliable cost effective solutions to your requirements on real time basis as we have customer satisfaction uppermost in our minds, always and every time.


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