Surveillance RADAR

Highlander’s surveillance radar system is expressly conceived to detect, track and identify small, illusive objects.

In terms of radar cross section (RCS), it detects targets under 0.1 m2 at less than one meter above sea level height.  This remarkable performance comes from advanced radar signal processing and unique adaptive threshold control.

Multi-sensor systems built with radar, camera, AIS and GPS are networked for wide area surveillance.  This technology is invaluable for asset protection, law enforcement, marine traffic management, collision avoidance, oil spill detection and wave measurement.

The HLD-RVAQ 1000 radar tracker/extractor is designed with adaptive thresholding based on the noise level. False alarm rates are lowered considerably, yielding much better results than conventional CFAR methodology.

The radar tracker/extractor uses an advanced “track-before-detect” signal processing technique enabling the threshold to be set low, thus ensuring that both small and large targets are processed and that each and every target is extracted from the radar signal without omissions.  By employing unique algorithms to recognize targets’ dynamic movements, minute targets are detected in cluttered environments and are tracked even when maneuvering erratically.

A surveillance geo-display offers the user simple and logical functionalities. It optimizes visual situational awareness, sensor control and layer selection.

Hands-off recording is a standard feature.

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