Hi – Cloud Connectivity

Today’s rising complexity of ship operations needs to be offset by better exploiting information and communications technology.  That is indeed the inducement of Highlander’s “Hi-Cloud” remote access facility for ship-to-shore data exchange.  As a powerful, automated collector of immense amounts of time-synchronized ship’s data, the VDR need merely be connected with a shore terminal for shore side fleet managers to intensify their technical and administrative support to the vessel at-sea.  Gaining access to navigation equipment and engine room data is a superb way for specialists to appraise equipment performance, initiate troubleshooting and arrange repair measures.

A lot of the expensive dispatching of service engineers to vessels can be done away with.  Shore side engineers can guide ship’s crew in effecting many repairs.

Highlander delivers complete, tailor-made solutions based on accessing ship’s databases with economy in mind.  Compression of the data prior to transmission is one means of keeping costs down but there are other considerations that must be thoroughly weighed in, most notably bandwidth utilization and balancing the usage of satellite and terrestrial communications.

    We provide prompt, reliable cost effective solutions to your requirements on real time basis as we have customer satisfaction uppermost in our minds, always and every time.


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